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Theme Parks Are Sensitive to National Tragedies Too

Theme Parks are the greatest source of fun and entertainment in life. No other places in the world can re-create such amazing experiences. Their biggest asset is creativity, and perhaps I think there is hardly a sight or area within the parks that are left without the creative aspect. Creativity is the last thing that they want to part with. While it seems they are willing to sacrifice anything for their uniquely creative offerings, they are sensitive to national tragedies as well. When tragedies strike the Nation, such as the Las Vegas Shooting in this case, the parks have the courage to change their most popular experiences too. At Universal Orlando it’s the Nation’s premier Halloween Event that makes the most notable move. Not that the Park is shutting down its most happening event (Halloween Horror Nights Fest) all together, but it shows some sensible solidarity by striking out a major chunk of the content from the popular show – Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure at the 2017 event.

The 2017 Bill & Ted show is set on a mega festive platform where the two boys put up an epic festive show. But the Grim Reaper is prompted to kill everyone at the festival. An epic Halloween adventure follows with the host Bill and Ted go at length to save pop culture and the audience. But after the Las Vegas tragedy, the Show has a different story to consider. Instead of the multi-day mega festival it’s just a simple concert featuring the Wyld Stallyions. And the Grim Reaper is no more a threat to pop culture or the audience. He is only after the two boys after all.

Though the Show is not alien to changes before. But the change that follows the Tragedy is the biggest of them all in the history of the Show. For die-hard fans, it may be difficult to digest. I think an abrupt twist or tweak to the concept definitely ends up with an experience not as anticipated. There are cases, where change in storyline triggers a new experience altogether. But in Bill and Ted’s case, probably the excitement and fun suffers to a certain extent. But then it’s for a cause and Universal Orlando is sensitive to larger situations. The resort is good in giving away one of its best offerings. Truly, it shows its direct response to a greater suffering at a time when the Nation is hit by a tragedy leaving behind 59 dead and nearly 500 injured.