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Airline Travel – Make Sure You Know of Any Carry on Restrictions

Now when it comes to flying it can always be a little bit of a headache. Once you’ve figured out what you want, found the right price and booked correctly, you then have to get to the airport and make it through check in. This can be an anxious time for anyone and the reason why it is always good to make sure you know of any carry-on restrictions before hand. So that you can be informed, prepared and comfortable that you’ve done everything within your power to make this as much a pleasant experience as possible for yourself. Here are some tips and advice below on how you can do this?

Knowing what you are allowed to carry on and any restriction will save you a lot of time and embarrassment. Be sure to check in online or read up on fight restrictions at least two days prior your flight.

Liquids and foods

Be sure to read the guidance advice, however, most will allow 50ml to 100ml as hand luggage and are to be put into clear bags. Any food or liquids larger than this or suspicious will go into holding. Best to buy everything once you’ve gone past security.

Medications and medical devices

It’s always good to read up on the. Makes sure you have a doctor’s note, make sure that it is in a clear protective case and that you contact the airline prior just to inform them if you are still unsure.

Personal and electrical items

This varies depending on the electronics and what it is powered by so is sure to read up on what is banned before coming to the airport. Most are banned.

Sporting and recreational equipment

This varies depending on item but most sports equipment will be restricted and highly unlikely to be allowed onto the plane. However always check before going on board.

Battery-powered wheelchairs

Battery-powered wheelchairs are something that you will definitely need to contact the airline about. This is so they can accommodate as best as possible to your needs.

Tools and sharp objects

Depending on the size and use of sharp objects it will most likely need to go in the holding. Few very small sharp objects will be allowed on to the cabin with you but you will definitely need to read up on this prior to flying. Don’t be surprised if security to ask you to remove sharp objects in your bag.

Flammable, explosive and chemical items

You may be allowed one lighter or one matchbox. However, the airlines tend to have a zero tolerance with flammable liquids so it is always best to leave this at home or wait until you’ve landed on the other side.

Christmas and special occasions

Please refer to guidelines provided by your airline. Crackers, poppers and fireworks are prohibited on flights.

Firearms and ammunition

Depending on whom you fly with most weapons and replicas are prohibited unless you have the right documentation and authorisation to carry them. You will definitely need to contact your flight service to see what paperwork will need to be filled and what restrictions apply to you. Be sure to do this at least 72 hours before the flight.