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Why Should I Sell My Miles?

This is one of those questions that we have often asked ourselves. Haven’t you ever heard of a friend selling their miles and wondered what all the fuss is about? I mean what could a person possibly gain by selling airline miles. Well the answer is you could really gain a lot. Trust us when we say that all the people raging after it are not wrong. This is the one thing that could get you loads of money (depending on how frequently you travel and how many miles you have in store). So if you’re looking for reasons to get down to business we have a compilation of all the reasons why you should sell airline miles starting today.

1. It will get you money

This is the most important and probably the main incentive that people have in mind when it comes to airline miles. They have the ability to help you earn loads of money even if you are sitting back in your home on your favorite couch sipping a can of coke. What’s more is that there is a proper market for this now which might help you getting better prices for your miles. So not only will you earn money but you will earn good money too.

2. If you’re not using it, let someone else use it

It isn’t necessary that you sell them. You could just lend them to your friends or family. They could use these miles to get upgrades on their tickets. The primary use of airline miles is to get discounts on airline tickets or get free upgrades (for example upgrade from an economic class ticket to business of first class depending on how many miles you’re willing to spend.) And yes if you live outside of Utah, then trading selling buying miles is absolutely legal. Utah is the only American state that explicitly prohibits the selling or buying of miles to third party users.

3. How can I sell my miles

Well the answer to that is very simple. Nowadays you can actually find many online vendors who are willing to buy your miles from you. All you have to do is register with them and tell the amount of miles you’re willing to sell and the airline program that those miles belong to. The vendor will then tell you the amount that they’re willing to pay. If you like it then you can carry on with the transfer. If you don’t like the price that the vendor has named no need to fret. There are loads of other people who are willing to pay for your precious miles.