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Benefits of a Keyless Remote for Your Car

Your car would be as precious to you as your other long-term investments. Necessary safety measures should be taken to keep it safe from being stolen. Keyless remotes are one of the latest devices used to ensure the safety of vehicles. Some of the features of keyless remotes are discussed in the article.

Today automobile manufacturers compete in bringing vehicles with the latest technology devices in it. Advanced features like satellite radio, GPS system, computer diagnostic system and many other devices are being used to make driving a better experience. A keyless remote is such an invention which has helped in keeping your car safe. This remote is also called a “smart key” or an “intelligent key”.

A keyless remote is designed to allow or deny access to a vehicle. It functions like normal keys without any physical contact. You can lock/unlock the door of your car by just pressing a button. One of the benefits of this remote is that it works from quite a distance. Some features of this remote system, which makes it different from normal car keys, are discussed below.

Functions: This remote system depends on two components – a remote key and a receiver installed in the vehicle. The remote key has an inbuilt chip in it with a unique code that matches with the code installed in the receiver of the vehicle. When a button on the remote is pressed to perform a function, the chip inside the remote sends radio waves to the device in the car at a specific frequency. If this code matches with the code of the device in the car, this device allows the function to be performed. In case of any mismatch in these codes, the vehicle would not respond.

Convenience: A keyless remote makes it easier for a person to use the car. For instance, if you come to the car with both your hands loaded with bags after shopping, you can easily open the car’s trunk with the press of a button which makes it much easier to put the bags in the car. The same task would’ve taken double the time if there was no keyless remote for the car.

Safety: A keyless remote keeps the car safe from theft. The car’s engine cannot be started with a different remote and the code inside the remote cannot be copied as well. This completely eliminates every possible chance of the car being stolen. The only risk is when you lose the remote and the thief gets the same remote. In most of today’s modern cars, alarm systems are installed in cars which start buzzing if the car is tried to open in a wrongful manner.

Benefits: A keyless remote enables you to set the car’s temperature even before entering it. This feature is useful during extreme climatic conditions. It is also easy to locate a car which is parked in a fully packed parking lot. When a button on the remote is clicked, the car flashes its headlights and produces a distinct beep which makes it easier to find the car.

All modern cars come with keyless entry systems which ensure the safety of the cars as well as the convenience of the driver. Using a keyless remote for a car has also become something related to style. Keyless entry systems are available in the market at affordable prices which can be installed by a professional locksmith.