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Prague Incentive Travel Programs Bring Out the Explorer In Every Individual

Prague, located in central Europe, borders the countries of Germany, Poland, and Austria. This metropolitan destination of over one million people can be found next to the Vltava River. An oceanic climate creates winters that are extremely cold and summers consisting of warmer temperatures. The city is a cultural hub of the European region offering a wide variety of things to do. Famous attractions include the Prague Castle, Old Town Square, Charles Bridge, Lennon Wall, and the Jewish Quarter with each offering its own unique atmosphere. The exquisite combination of area activities makes Prague incentive travel plans a great choice for any corporation seeking a modern method for rewarding goal achievement. Trips are comparable in price to a monetary or other type of reward; however, they supply long term results that support later motivational endeavors.

Corporate Incentive Travel: Why Is This Historically Rich Location a Wise Choice?

As a corporate incentive travel destination, the city easily meets the multiple interests found in this type of achievement reward. Prague is known for its history, culture, food, and the arts. Its history began thousands of years ago when the Celtics settled in a nearby region during the Paleolithic age. The area was heavily populated by Marcomanni, a people of Germanic origin, near the conclusion of the first century. Additional historical moves become prevalent after the Roman Empire collapsed in sixth century AD. The city of was not officially founded until 800 when the building a fort initiated what is now known as Prague Castle. This important European merchant trading area was later transformed into an imperial capital by Charles IV. An immense history makes Prague an ideal corporate incentive travel destination for those who enjoy a rich past consisting of epic cultural revolutions.

Prague, while full of historical sites, offers many non-related drawing points such as several types of architecture design styles from Renaissance to more modern forms. District names are fairly confusing within the city, but can be broken down into specific sectors based on location. The Castle is considered to be its own district with the lesser town consisting of all settlement areas on its outskirts. New Town lies adjacent to the older section and Jewish Town can be found as part of older portion of the city. Districts are also broken into North, East, South, and West depending on where an individual is visiting.

Prague Castle, one of the most popular tourist attractions, is one of the largest standing castles found in the world today where visitors can walk through beautiful gardens or visit the museum. Charles Bridge, connecting Old and Lesser Towns, contains musicians and artists throughout daytime hours. Old Town is a must see for those who enjoy historical buildings, monuments, or theatre performances. New Town holds the famous Wenceslas Square full of various shops and restaurants. The National Museum, disco facilities, modern hotels, parks, and arcades are additional sites in this region of Prague. The city delivers a promising trip to any individual desiring day or nighttime excitement. Prague incentive travel plans are perfect for any corporate environment desiring to provide the extra push necessary for company success.