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Primary/Secondary School Student Visa

The School Student visa is for students hoping to travel to Australia in order to study in a primary or secondary school. This visa is also for students enrolled in an exchange program.


• Applicants for this visa must:

• Be accepted in a full-time program of study

• Provide proof of acceptance

• Provide proof of intent to stay in Australia on a temporary basis

• Be financially sufficient for study, travel, accommodations and any other expenses

• Meet all health requirements

• Have health insurance (applicants can apply for the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) if they are not from a country participating in a reciprocal healthcare agreement)

• Have English skills required for course of study

• Have a strong academic record

• Meet character requirements

• Pay all debts to the Australian government or have arrangements to repay all debts

• Sign the Australian Values Statement if over the age of 18

Applicants for this visa are able to live and study in Australia for the course of the study. The visa will expire after the course of study finishes. Visas for students enrolling in courses for 10 months or less will expire a month after the course is completed. Applicants enrolled in courses lasting longer than 10 months that finish in January through October will have a visa that expires two months after the course is completed. Applicants taking courses lasting 10 months or more that end at the end of the academic year in November or December will be granted a visa through the following March 15.

Applicants for this visa are eligible to work while holding the School Student visa, as long as the applicant is of an eligible working age. Applicants are able work a maximum of 40 hours/fortnight during the course study, but while the course is out of session the applicant is able to work unlimited hours.

In order to retain this visa, applicants must:

• Maintain enrollment in course of study

• Have satisfactory attendance

• Make course progress

• Not change education provider within the first 12 months

• Keep education provider informed of any change in address

• Maintain financial security

Applicants for this visa under the age of 18 have additional requirements, including foreign exchange students. Applicants under age 18 must have parental consent, as well as welfare arrangements. Welfare arrangements ensure that the applicant is supported during the proposed course of study.

Dependent applications are allowed on the School Student Visa. Family members or partners are eligible to work in Australia up to 40 hours/fortnight and partners are also eligible to study up to three months.

For more information on obtaining a visa to travel to, work in or even relocate to Australia contact the Australian Immigration Agency

The school student visa is connected with the applicant’s current passport. The applicant should ensure that the passport will not expire for at least six months after lodging the application. However, if the passport will expire at all during the course of stay, an expired passport can cause significant delays and trouble during travel, and it is best to apply for a new passport before lodging the application.