Camping While Visiting Galveston Island and Houston

When visiting the Galveston/Houston area there are many RV Resorts from which to chooses. The time of year and one’s interest when visiting can help determine which campground is best. Staying on Galveston Island has many advantages over staying near Houston. For one, it gets a family away from the everyday life of being in a city with all the traffic and most important, many of the campgrounds are located near the beach. The amities’ the campground offers can help with one’s decision, for most of the Galveston campgrounds are just like Hotel Resorts. For example, the Jamaica Beach RV Resort, is ten miles from downtown Galveston. The resort has 181 sites with full hookups including cable Tv. There are two swimming pools, one with a swim up bar, a hot tub and a 700-foot lazy river. Other amenities include, shuffle board, basketball court, mini golf, and a fully equipped outdoor kitchen. One will fine the forty-five-mile drive to Houston is very easy on Interstate 45.

Galveston island is around 25 miles long and, in some areas, less than a mile wide. At the Southeast end of the island, one has to cross a toll bridge for $2.00 to get back to the mainland, the Northwest end just stops at the mouth of the bay; however, there is a Ferry service which will take one to Bolivar Peninsular. The other entrance to the island is across Interstate 45 which turns into Broadway Avenue, this is like main street through the center of the business section of Galveston.

Downtown Historical Galveston is located along Galveston Bay at the Port of Galveston, where the cruise ships dock. All the buildings here are historical in nature, while some buildings are offices, others are shops for tourist, as well as some have been developed into historical museums. Along the bay, one will find an assortment of Seafood restaurants and museums.

For the person that enjoys historical as well as educational sites, Galveston Island is a great place to visit. Buying the Galveston Island city pass has a big advantage, one has to buy at least four or more attractions and the savings are 40 percent cheaper than individual tickets.

Some of the attractions included are, Moody Mansion which was built in 1895 portrays one of the richest entrepreneurs in 20th century America with all the original furnishings. I have to say the furnishings for the living areas is quite impressive, yet the bedroom furnishings lack in comfort and style. At the Navel Museum, one can tour the inside of the Famous USS Cavalla Submarine which sank the Japanese Navy Carrier Shokaku, that attacked Pearl Harbor. I’m not for sure how people could live in such close quarters, one thing for sure, no-one had any secrets. The USS Stewart is the only Edsall-Class Destroyer preserved in the United States. These are the only two vessels located at the museum. Ocean Star, a retired off shore drilling oil rig turned to Museum explains the process for drilling, extracting oil, safety and environmental impacts the oil industry faces. The living quarters has been turned into the museum while the drilling rig and equipment for the drill is still intact. Being on this rig can give one the sense of what it’s like to be miles off shore and working twelve-hour shifts. For the person that likes trains, The Railroad Museum is a must. Here one will find many cars that were built in the early 1900’s to the mid 1940’s, all restored to their original dates. There are several engines from different eras; however, only one can be boarded. Although Galveston Island is small, with the many historical sites, beaches, and the family attractions available, Galveston can keep a family pretty busy for days.

Battleship Texas located in LaPorte about forty miles Northwest of Galveston is well worth the drive. The Texas was scheduled to be used as a bombing target, but after a successful drive by the people of Texas, she was awarded to the people of the state of Texas in 1948. When the Texas was commissioned in 1914, she was the most powerful battleship in the world., In 1925 she underwent major modifications and for the next twelve years she steamed the Atlantic and Pacific, representing American Naval power. Battleship Texas is a large and complicated artifact and getting around her can be very confusing. To our surprise, one can not only walk around all the deck levels, but the engine rooms as well.

Buying the Houston city pass is the best way to see the top five attractions at an affordable price. With Houston being the fourth largest city in the country, one can see how the city is really spread out. Three of the destinations are downtown, while the other two are on the outer sections of the city.

The Houston Museum of Natural Science was very educational as well as informative. The museum displayed the dinosaur era, as well as the evolution of mankind. Here one can learn about the minerals the earth provides us and how they are transformed to create today’s technology. In addition, the museum displays many species of animals in their natural habitat and their means of survival. The Houston Zoo is small, but very nice for adults and children alike. For a small zoo the variety of animal’s was quite impressive. My favorite part was feeding the Giraffes, large but very gentle creatures, just don’t turn your back on them. The Houston Aquarium is quite small, but well worth the visit. Here one will find many species of smaller fish from the Gulf of Mexico, some quite colorful, but not eatable. Included with the pass is an assortment of rides for the smaller children. Kemah Boardwalk which sits right on the water about twenty miles East of downtown Houston, is a popular destination for all ages. The boardwalk hosts a large variety of shops as well as restaurants. In addition, there are many rides for all ages to enjoy. This is a popular destination for weekends and evening time. Space Center Houston, located in the Southeastern part of Houston. The space center displays past, present, and future space exploration. With the space center being very educational. Our favorite part was the Independence Space Shuttle sitting atop the Boeing 747. The shuttle is a replica from the original, yet it was interesting to see how the inside of a shuttle looks.

By far, the history and attractions in and around Galveston and Houston will keep a family entertained for several weeks.