The Best Little-Known Cities in Washington State

If you love tiny towns and want to get the most out of them, there’s no state better for this than Washington.  Outside of the large cities of Seattle and Tacoma: you’ll find tons of small beautiful towns that are far more affordable and scenic.

These are the best little-known cities, and what they have to offer.


Home to only two thousand people, this tiny alpine town has a reputation for feeling like Bavaria lost a city in the mountains of Washington.  With wonderful cool summers and fun snow-dense winters, you’ll be amazed at how much there is to do here.  Although properties are more expensive here than Bellevue houses for sale, it’s worth a trip to see all of the charm and beauty Leavenworth offers.

La Conner

The smallest town on this list, La Conner, is a tiny town with less than a thousand people that call it home.  In the spring, this area fills with people to celebrate the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, but the rest of the year, this small riverside community gets to enjoy relative quiet.  Beautiful mountain and river views allow every corner of this town to feel like a postcard you don’t want to look away from.


Most popular with people of retirement age, Sequim is a sunnier little town that offers its population of over seven thousand people fantastic weather year-round.  Along the base of the Olympic Mountains, this is the lavender capital of the world- a great place to enjoy beautiful plant life, fantastic views, and fresh air just a couple of hours from Seattle.  If you ever want to travel across the border, ferry trips from Sequim into Canada’s Victoria, B.C., are just three hours!

Port Townsend

Boasting a population of nearly ten thousand people, this town is the second largest on this list.  Port Townsend is a great city that sits between open water and mountain views, allowing it to feel like a refuge away from the rest of the world.  As the only city in its county, it has a lot of control over what goes on in the area and feels like a tightly knit community from the moment you arrive.  It’s easy to fall in love with Port Townsend on sight.

Gig Harbor

As the largest small town on this list, Gig Harbor is home to over twelve thousand people and is one of the cities that claim to be “the Gateway to the Olympic Peninsula.”  Although it’s expensive to live here, it’s worth getting a slice of paradise due to limited land and expensive shipping of food and goods.  The low crime rate, incredible views, and high satisfaction of the residents ensure that the cost of living here is more than worth it.

Washington is One of a Kind

Whether you’re from the south and hoping to escape somewhere cooler and quieter, or you just want to get out of the major cities and get some fresh air: these tiny towns in Washington are a dream come true.  Consider visiting sometime soon so you can enjoy everything they have to offer!

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