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A Highlight Of The Golf Clubs Available In Las Vegas

Many people visit the city of Las Vegas for vacation and also to gamble in renowned casinos. This sin-city also boasts numerous beautiful golf courses that visitors and the residents in the city can enjoy. There are well over 50 golf courses in this state, but given that there is a great diversity of people coming to the city to play golf, the courses are designed to suit different levels of players.

For individuals wanting to golf for a very good price whilst still enjoying high-quality 18 holes, they can find six golf courses to choose from. These Golf Clubs include Painted Desert, Highlands Falls, Las Vegas, Silverstone, Siena Golf Club and Arroyo at Red Rock Country Club. Travelers in group can enjoy 18 holes golfing at one of those locations for under $175, plus they are fairly close to the Las Vegas strip.

One can find 4 high-end golf courses and two of these are section of Revere in Anthem, in addition to Badlands and Desert Pines Golf Club. If you are able to get some time to tee off, this can cost $175 – $275, however getting one may be somewhat challenging. Revere at the Lexington course in Anthem is brimming with stunning views of the city. They likewise boast the Concord course and this is open all year round with fantastic scenery in a great location.

There are actually five courses which are particularly regarded as first-rate, where most of the best golfers play such as several professionals. These courses include the Anthem Country Club, Red Rock Country Club, Gali Hai Golf Club, TPC Las Vegas and Royal Links Golf Club. The Royal Links Golf club is designed as beautiful British patterned course, which also appeals to golf players due to the par mates who are gorgeous women tagging along with players as their caddies.