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Myrtle Beach Golf

Whether you are a golf master or new to the game, playing a round of golf in Myrtle Beach is something any golfer will enjoy. This city’s charm has brought golfers back for second, even third, times to catch another glimpse of the golf courses. This city is widely known to golfers due to the amount of courses available throughout the cities long and winding roads. Over the years, the amount of courses has come close to meeting a full hundred, allowing the opportunity to have a new course to play each time you visit. Golfers will never bore of golf when visiting this city and will find in their free time that the city is filled with restaurants and activities to do at all hours of the day.

Let’s take the time to get acquainted with some of Myrtle Beach’s finest courses around. The Pearl West Course has gained golfer’s respect for many reasons. This course includes 18 holes and follows the stretch of the glistening intracoastal stretch of water. Don’t let the long open stretches occupied by blooming flowers distract you from the game because the beauty will follow you through your whole game.

Another well known course offered here is the World Tour Golf Links Course. This course was built to replicate aspects of some of the most popular courses around. During your 27 hole experience you will have memories floating of courses you have played, or even seen on television. This course offers golfer’s access to their restaurant between games to chat with friends and relax before its back to the green.

If you wish to experience a little bit of Myrtle Beach’s history then steer in the direction of the Wedgefield Plantation course. This course features the great Black River and is filled with numerous trees scattered amongst the long stretch. The history of this course dates back to being a former rice plantation. When visiting this course you will feel as if you were brought back in time as you are greeted with a historic building. Enjoy a snack in this building before taking off on your long journey.

Don’t limit yourself to one course, but travel through the streets of Myrtle Beach to find courses only available in this city. Pick your favorite spots and bundle them together in a package to get deals and perks. Myrtle Beach has all the right accommodations to create the perfect golf vacation for you and your friends.