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Primo Vacations Review: What Are The Primo Vacations Reviews Really Saying?

So what does the Primo Vacations review really say? Let’s take a close look at this company so that you can make your own informed decision. Primo Vacations is considered by many, one of the best home based business opportunities because of its “Top Tier” direct sales business approach. While there are many shady companies out there, this is not one of them.

This company basically offers incredible discounts of up to 80% to consumers who want to save more than just a little money. The company got its start by veterans who were in the travel industry but wanted to offer vacationers more for their money. These were individuals who saw a need to put an end to the grossly overpriced travel pricing that plagued the industry.

This is a company that offers the best value that I have seen when it comes to both the money saved as well as the opportunity to vacation in 4-5 star hotels. It also allows members to sell these memberships to others and make an instant $500 paycheck for every membership sold. While it is not required for a member to do so, many members welcome the opportunity and actually make a very nice income by selling Primo Vacations to others wishing to take advantage of the same huge discounted rates, many of which can be had for a measly $100 for a seven-night stay. (These deals are referred to as their “Hotweeks.”) I must say that really caught my attention as I was reviewing this company.

To be able to access these huge savings:

* A person pays a one-time lifetime payment of $697. Once you are a member, you can immediately book your vacation and take the cruise that you may have always wanted to take, or stay at the luxury hotel of your dreams. The reality of having such a travel membership is that it allows the average person to afford a week long vacation in one of the many fine resorts, hotels or on a cruise that has been discounted up to 80% off of the retail price that it would cost someone. Combined with the ability to make money on top of being able to stay at the finer hotels and resorts is the primary reason that people opt into this Primo Vacations opportunity.

When you consider how much hotels, condos, villas, resorts and cruises cost, saving upwards of 80% off worldwide travel, many people consider Primo Vacations a “no brainer” when it comes to making good sense. When you consider that you can save up to literally several hundreds on your very first trip, you can easily come out financially ahead on your very first trip. They even have a concierge service that will help you plan your trip every step of the way.

What is really nice about this travel membership is that you can use your membership at about 83,000 luxury resorts, cruises at worldwide hotels. European vacations, Hawaiian vacation packages, Las Vegas vacation packages, are just a few of the worldwide and all inclusive vacation packages that a Primo member has the opportunity to have limitless access to. Its members receive all the amenities, the privileges on top of the service that you would expect at these fine destinations.

The company’s mission statement vows to continue offering the best in worldwide travel at rock bottom prices that blow retail prices right out of the water. They stand behind their unmatched pricing and services when compared to the other vacation clubs available.

While there are many members who only want to reap the many travel and savings benefits that this membership offers, there are many more members who see the real value in this direct sales product and pounce on the opportunity to earn better than a full-time income selling memberships to others.

When the company began, they wanted people to be able to market these memberships with ease. What the company considers a one-of-a-kind and innovative marketing system, they made it possible for people to virtually market it with hands free marketing. This has been a big factor why the company and others who market it, have been able to become so successful. The marketing system that they offer can easily be accomplished by the newest of “newbies.” How does that work, you ask? Simple. Like I mentioned, the company also offers you a:

  • Marketing System which is perfect for anyone who desires assistance with their marketing efforts. If you decide to market this product, I would strongly advise you to take advantage of their online marketing system because it will really help you get onto the “fast track” to making money. What that means is that you have the option to include a mere $39 monthly fee that helps market your business to others who visit your own website.
  • Personal Business Assistants: Again, if your intention is to make serious money with this highly praised travel product, you should seriously consider their marketing system that will do the selling for you. Having your own personal business assistants is priceless in my opinion. What this means to you is that you will be provided your very own personal business associates who are known as professional sales associates.
  • Having PBA’s is key because if you have leads coming in, you obviously want to make a sale, right? Well, these associates who are assigned to you will actually call your leads for you! I like the idea for two very big reasons…one, having professionals call your leads will greatly increase your chances at success and two, it is a huge time saver! Think about all of the time on the phone you will save that will allow you to carry out the essential marketing tasks.

This membership is NOT like a timeshare wherein you are bound to ongoing additional fees. You simply pay the one time small payment of $697 and that is it. The reviews for Primo Vacations are very favorable because once you become a member, you can immediately gain access by browsing online and booking your next luxury vacation package at huge weekly discounts. Simple as that. If you want to make money in addition to just having the luxury travel benefits, you have the opportunity to do so. Whether you choose to just travel or to use it as a home-business opportunity, it does not affect your membership travel benefits in any way.