Five Tips For Successful Tent Rentals

When planning a large, expensive, outdoor affair, it is always a good idea to have some kind of contingency for inclement weather. Because these get-togethers are often held outside due to indoor space restrictions, tent rentals offer a convenient, affordable solution to the problem. That said, most folks have absolutely no idea what to look for when renting an enormous tent from a party store. Here are a few helpful hints that should make your next al fresco affair a smashing success.

Tip 1: Shop Around

Although prices for tent rentals are regional, there may be some variation at the local level. But, as is often the case, if a price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Huge price discounts of 10 percent or more are often the result of inexperience and/or inferior products. For example, a new vendor may offer a steep discount over everybody else in town because he simply doesn’t know how to price himself. And while this mistake may work out in your favor in the short term, odds are the vendor will ask for more money when he discovers the error. A vendor may also be able to undercut the competition on price if he has low-quality rental equipment. It is for these reasons that we strongly suggest getting price quotes from several companies before you agree to anything. You can then throw out the high and low numbers and go with a reputable company that offers competitive prices.

Tip 2: Get A Written Quote

In addition to delivery, most renters offer set-up, break-down, and pick-up services for their tent rentals. Unfortunately, those services are rarely included in the original price quote. In order to ensure that you get everything you need at an affordable price, you should always ask for an all-inclusive written quote.

Tip 3: Understand The Cancellation Policy

No matter how long it takes to plan, there’s always a chance that your event could be cancelled. You might even decide you no longer need a tent. As a result, it is imperative that you discuss the cancellation policy with the renter. How much, exactly, will he charge you to cancel the rental or to reschedule it? If you negotiate a lower fee, make sure you get the new amount in writing.

Tip 4: Ask About The Quality

There’s a big difference, both in quality and looks, between tent rentals for weddings and upscale affairs, as well as those used for county fairs and school events. Even if you couldn’t tell the difference yourself, ask the renter if the tents they provide are wedding-quality models.

Tip 5: Ask About Other Rentals

In addition to portable shelters, most party stores also rent tables, chairs, dishes, centerpieces, and other items you will need. Getting them all from the same place will save you time and money on your event. You may even be able to negotiate a better deal on tent rentals if you bundle all the items together.

Use these five simple tips to save yourself a sizable sum on your next outdoor event.